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Abstract Futuristic Background


Find a need

Quick connection between the relevant technologies

Research and analyze for a solution

System creating with dynamic integration; Unique Titan capability


Titan Innovations has integration capabilities with a wide range of payloads and a variety of needs; day and night cameras, stabilizers, hyperspectral cameras, accurate navigation, and measurement systems, marking and marking, sprayers for agricultural needs, and more.

The company imports drones from a number of leading companies in Israel and around the world (Harris Aerial, AceCore).

As a rule, the company purchases hardware and assembles the operating system and information processing system by unique control, hardware and software developed by and under its control.

NOA in the sky-min_edited_edited.jpg

System Building - The company specializes in finding new and advanced technologies, co-operating with other companies, developers and manufacturers for military applications in short times. 

Locating and importing high-end technologies from USA and from Europe - the company has several exclusivity agreements with manufacturers and suppliers. 

The company has a unique approach and a shared language for co-operation with start-up companies.


Chaimi Nissel

Chaimi Nissel, Chairman

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Over 20 years of investment experience. Moved to Israel in 2013, where he succeeded in the field of intelligence technology investments, catering to the Defense establishment. Chaimi is also President of Titan Ventures VC.

Ronny Numa

Ronny Numa, President

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Israeli Major General (Aluf) who headed the IDF Central Command, retired 2018. In 2020, Ronny successfully lead mitigation efforts to combat the spread of Covid-19 in Ultra- Orthodox enclaves of Israel. Since then, he has been collaborating with “Cobwebs Technologies” as well as smart city organizations in order to help develop counter-measures that will curb the damage of future pandemics.

Yahav Regev

Yahav Regev, CEO

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Experienced Research And Development Specialist with a strong demonstrated experience in the special operations force’s industry.
Skilled in Research, R&D, Technology Needs Analysis, International Co Development, and Program Management.
With a successful and rich background in connecting needs between the military field and the fields of industry and civilian applications.
A finance savvy and business-oriented mindset with a passion and experience in project management and leading creative initiatives in dynamic environments and changing environments.


Caveret Whitepng.png

The CAVERET make pre-seed investments in startups, in the fields of deep-tech, AR, VR, data fusion, software and more. 

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OSTI is a growing and dynamic company with the goal of enabling the revolution of unmanned robotics.

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